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Councilman Marty McCarthy says new pizza biz keeping him away


Martin McCarthy’s been working “105 hours a week” getting his Fire Engine Pizza Company up and running.

But his duties as a councilman have suffered. According to a review of meeting minutes, McCarthy last joined his colleagues Oct. 22. He’s since missed eight regular and special council meetings.

I reached him today at the restaurant to find out if he’s going to remain in office or resign.

“I fully intend to go back in the next week. I miss it. I love it. Can’t wait to get back,” McCarthy said. “I feel terrible (but) I also have to feed my family.”

As we reported last year, McCarthy’s first restaurant was destroyed in a fire in March, 2011. So he improvised, purchasing a fire truck and installing a pizza oven in the rear. He was baking pies by that June.

A new restaurant was the next step. Fire Engine Pizza Co. opened right after Hurricane Sandy in November.

“I had to see this thing through,” said McCarthy, pictured below on the left behind his fire truck in January, 2012.

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Brian Lockhart

5 Responses

  1. Mr. Barnum says:

    As a followup to this story, on 2/6/13, I reposted this story regarding Marty McCarthy’s council attendance. As a Black Rock Resident and citizen,I asked for his resignation if he is unable to complete the job for which he was elected. Today, 2/12/13, Councilman McCarthy publically retaliated for my opposition to his continued rolesas councilman.He publically posted personal name and addrses information of my wife and myself as a means of threatening intimidation. This true story is told at the following link. I’m currently contacting Council President Tom McCarthy, Mayor Finch and the local media regarding these extremely offensive and threatening actions by Councilman McCarthy.!/phineas.t.barnum

  2. Snow Man says:

    Hang in there marty we need you…especially since our other councilperson is Sue Brannelly who is more concerned about closing down massage parlors than the street violence or the lack of jobs due to the businesses that Mayor Finch chases out

  3. What I overheard says:

    overheard – his kids are school age and he’s moving to Fairfield for the schools ….

  4. The Bridgeport Kid says:

    If Mr. McCarthy does not have the time to dedicate to a part-time job on the City Council it would behoove him to step aside for a more dedicated individual.

  5. zit face says:

    why was this pickle head elected in the first place