Metro-North prepares for snow

Remember the winter of 2010-11 when snow crippled Metro-North’s trains?

More than 80 inches of snow paralyzed the New Haven Line, and at some points kept more than half the state’s fleet of 320 M-2, M-4, and M-6 cars — the oldest of which, the M-2s, are between 33 to 40 years old — out of service for repairs.

It’s different today because Metro-North has replaced most of the fleet with newer M-8 cars that are less weather sensitive.  Metro-North says M-8s shield some of the more critical components, such as speed controls, in cabinets, while other functions, like the interaction of circuits, are controlled by computers instead of by mechanical parts that can be fouled in snowy weather. The cars also have AC traction motors, which will not be prone to ingesting snow like the DC traction motors in the M-2, M-4 and M-6 railcars.

But still with the heavy snow and strong winds forecast delays on Metro-North are almost certain.

Metro-North has a handy guide to prepare for winter travel. If you’re planning … or hoping … to take the train in the next couple of days, it’s worth reading.

Check it out here.

Jim Shay