Herbst: “Never seen anything like this”

Tim Herbst, the first selectman of  Trumbull, said that Nemo was, without question, the worst winter storm he’s seen.

“I’m 32 years old, and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” he told the Post Saturday morning.

“At least we have power, and we all have to be thankful for that,” he said. “Because if we lost power, it would have been worse than Sandy, with these six- and seven-foot-high drifts.”

Herbst said that he’ll be meeting with his DPW chief John Marsilio today and one of the things they’ll be talking about will be getting help from private contractors.

“It’s to the point where there’s so much snow, you’re going to have to put in in Payloaders and move it someplace else,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Fairfield, First Selectman Mike Tetreau said on the town’s website that abandoned cars have “complicated our clean-up efforts.”

He also said that all emergency respoders are “on holdover” because they can’t get home and their replacements can’t get to work.

“Even our snow plows were getting stuck,” he said.

Tetreau said that some side streets and particularly the dead-ends won’t be cleared until Sunday afternoon or evening.

John Burgeson