“Worst storm since ’78” Mayor Blake says

MILFORD — Mayor Benjamin Blake said that the storm was the worst one to hit Milford since Storm Larry barrelled through Connecticut in 1978.

“I spent most of the morning (on Saturday) in a plow truck, and it’s just slow moving,” he said. “The volume of snow is such that we have to find a place to put it all. An unprecedented situation.”

Mayor Blake urged residents to stay off the roads, to check to make sure that exhaust gas air vents are cleared and also to check in on their neighbors.

“Clearing the streets will be a long process,” he said. “It takes three vehicles including a Payloader to clear every street. We’re going street-by-street. I know people are frustrated, but we’re doing everything we can.”

He said that the city has called in private contractors to help out, but even with the extra hands, it will take at least a day or two for travel in the city to get back to something that looks like normal.

“We received 36 inches of snow, and the drifts are six feet in places,” Blake said. “And I hear there’s another nor’easter arriving on Valentine’s Day.”

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John Burgeson

One Response

  1. Stranded in Milford says:

    My question to the mayor: Why were the plows not out starting friday afternoon? This storm was not a surprise, we had a 5+ day notice. The trucks should have been clearing the streets every 6-8 hours starting Friday at noon. If your budget does not afford this, then your budget needs to be re-examined.

    The tax mill rate in Milford is high enough to expect the most basic services. We are a city of 50,000 people, the fact that the business sector (the CT Post Mall) gets first response attention is a shame. The people of this town is what Milford is about, not the transient shoppers on the weekends.

    There are elderly, infants, and sick that need access to roadways in case of an emergency. This is simply a lack of planning on the city’s part.