Facebook group calls for Finch’s resignation

BRIDGEPORT — Nemo has made Mayor Bill Finch a very unpopular man.

Nearly a week after Blizzard Nemo dumped 30 inches of snow in the city — and more in nearby towns — Bridgeport is still digging its way out. In response to the city’s delay in clearing streets, someone has started a Facebook group asking Finch to resign.

In the group’s description someone wrote, “Mayor Finch’s incompetence during Blizzard NEMO has not only hurt the city financially but endangered the health and safety of our city’s residents. HE MUST RESIGN!”

On Thursday evening, the city announced that almost 100 percent of streets were passable, but the snow emergency parking ban remains in place.

That means there is No Parking on marked Snow Emergency streets. No parking on Snow Emergency streets allows our crews to clear the streets of snow so emergency vehicles have safe passage.

Alternate side of the street parking continues in effect on all other streets – odd side on odd-numbered days and even-side on even-numbered days.

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Keila Torres Ocasio

22 Responses

  1. Von says:

    So, we’re the bad guys because we have the audacity to demand decent city services in return for paying the highest taxes in the state, Jennifer Martinez & others? Give ME the same break u want us to give the mayor!

    Yeah, it’s great when residents come together to shovel out, blah blah–but guess what? After working hard daily & busting my butt paying taxes, I expect my city to at least be SOMEWHAT prepped for a storm they knew was coming days in advance. You say all this snow wasn’t expected–you’re right. So why did Fairfield, in walking distance from me, have not nearly as many issues?

    And stop deflecting with the usual “welfare” scapegoats, it’s tired. The city is supposed to take care of its hardworking citizens; demanding accountability is only just.

  2. Hammond Egger says:

    5 days trapped in my house,watching Finch on TV saying-‘be patient’.The plows came Wed.,and piled snow in front of my house,left and never returned.I’m sure no fan of Dan Malloy,but he ‘suggested’ that towns keep plowing throughout the storm.Finch sent the plow drivers home,and viola! We got 30+ inches and now we can’t clear it!Finch SHOULD resign,but his ego wouldn’t fit in the Superdome.He would never do it,I can only hope the imbeciles that voted for him last time won’t forget being prisoners in their homes for a week!

  3. ParkCityGuy says:

    We should just ask Christina Ayala to drive around the city banging into the snow banks. Eventually they we all be down to nothing and traffic can get back to normal. Given her driving skills I say she has it taken care of by the weekend.

  4. Sandra Finn says:

    We have never had almost three feet of snow land in our city. I saw contractors with plows broken down all over Fairfield County. I saw people trying to drive only to get stuck. The city had to tow cars first, then get pay loaders to lift the snow, then get the plows in. There was so much work to be done and I thought everything was done well. I am disgusted by the people in our city who want government to be their “be all end all.” Get off your butts and do something to help rather than site behind your computers and facebook accounts and complain. Your desire for government to be your mother is pathetic.

  5. obi wan kenobe says:

    Fich didn’t step up to the plate. We paid high tax money to get this kind of service ohh please come on.. He should do better than that. In the year he is being a mayor he didn’t do anything for us.

  6. Gad Flye says:

    Finch has done nothing but destroy this city and cut city services while hiring people at high salaries for UNNECESSARY positions like a spokesperson and an education liason but not enough money to properly perform a street clean up.Yeah People should wake up and march down to the Mayors office and tell him to resign!

  7. If you want real, organic change in this city, there is a City Council election this November, start now to spread the word – no more city empolyees elected to City Council – it is in our city charter, but there’s a state law that is cited by city attorney’s that is used to allow this. The state law has a bill to change this – sign the petiton – it’s on the Facebook page – for Jack Hennessy – our lone State Rep from Bridgeport who wants to see this practice stopped. It is not JUST the mayor.

  8. Jo Ann says:

    The thing is we residence of bridgeport have this and other forums to vocialize what we feel and think. Sorry Mr. Minto but I live here and I am not a fan of Mr. Finch. They never plowed my street till yesterday. That was a week. The neighborhood helped eachother. What part of any of this is the cities responsibility? I just want to know.

  9. Jessica Martinez says:

    Wake up Bridgeport!! Let’s make every day of our lives count. Let’s remain positive and be a part of the solution. If you don’t like something what is the point of complaining? Get up and do something about it. The more we work together to fix this community and become change agents, the more we will rise and progress with success. It starts with YOU, when you’re in the mood to point fingers point it at yourself. What are you doing to contribute to the problem and/or the solution? I’m just saying, the things I read is really starting to get me sick and I’m to the point where I think it’s time to remove my Facebook page because it’s a bunch of discouraging crap!! I know I preach LOVE and Lord forgive me for this anger right not. But we need more love, compassion and mobilization in this community.

  10. Jessica Martinez says:

    You’re upset about your tax dollars get up and do something about it. Investigate and check out the City’s Financials, I’m sure it’s public records. You want to know what I am mad about my tax money going to??? I’m mad that my tax dollars go to people that abuse the welfare system, when they are fully healthy and capable to get a JOB or an EDUCATION!! I’m not talking about the people that really need it and use the system properly. I’m mad that my tax dollars has to pay for all those who choose a life of crime yet they are living large in the prison with MY tax money. I’m mad that my tax dollars still go into a school system that is failing to educate our children. Let’s get real people these are true issues to be mad about not about the fact that Mayor Finch didn’t walk the streets and laser beam the snow away with his magic powers so that we could all get back to our busy lives.

  11. Jessica Martinez says:

    I’m not defending the Mayor but I will say that ALL leaders get attacked and scrutinized. When ultimately some people are speaking from ignorance and not facts. In my opinion, Finich is not perfect and I may not agree with everything but I must say that I’m thankful for him and how hard he is working for this Mess of a city. His job isn’t easy and some residents make it a lot harder. We should be standing beside our leaders and asking how we could help, we should EDUCATE ourselves on what’s really being done and what isn’t, we should think how I could help be a part off the solution instead of adding to a problem, we should be praying for the Mayor, the Senator, the Governor and the President. Yet, we are such complainers always feeling we are entitled to something. Let me tell you our ancestors busted their butts to get where they needed to be and they weren’t as entitled as we are today. The people of today would NEVER survive the days of our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents and beyond.

  12. Jessica Martinez says:

    What’s wrong with getting off of our butts to clean our streets all the while bonding with our community? What I thought was so beautiful turned out to become so ugly and an outright attack on one person, the Mayor. First of all, no one anticipated the actual amount of snow we were going to get. Since we are all in the mood to point fingers and place a blame of someone let’s talk truths. The city placed a “travel ban” and yet residents of Bridgeport were still driving around in a blizzard getting stuck everywhere which makes it impossible for plows or first responders to navigate the roads. Second, there was a “parking ban” placed so that the roads can cleaned up and yet the residents still didn’t listen and want to complain when they get towed. C’mon people follow rules, there put in place for a reason!! I’m not sure if we all expect the Mayor to just melt away 4 feet of snow but yes it will take more then 7 days to clear up the amount of snow we got, get over it!

  13. Jessica Martinez says:

    I have love for people and I have love for my city. I must say though some of the things that come out of people’s mouths get me sick. I think people take the freedom of speech a little too literal, when some things are best left unsaid. I really try to understand all people and try to stay neutral to different opinions but ultimately I’m convinced some of us are a new generation of laziness, of negativity, of hate, of irresponsibility, of lies, of selfishness and of feeling entitled (spoiled).

  14. Yeah right says:

    Wake up people. Finch is the puppet from for the Democratic machine in Bridgeport. He will never resign.

  15. Keila Torres Ocasio says:

    The link is there. Try clicking on the words Facebook group. If it doesn’t work just let me know and I’ll fix it. We always try to post links to any other sites we reference.

  16. Jasper McLevy says:

    Why didn’t you list the facebook location so others of us could participate in this. This storm has finally revealed the years and years of electing and hiring incompetent people. Finch would have a hard time even if he was elected as State Bird never mind as mayor.
    Recall! Recall! Recall!

  17. Steve says:

    Its a group of 40 something likes. Bet Bill is shaking in his boots.

  18. Fabio Schuler says:

    Manhattan ave still with one way only (path in the middle of the street) done by the the residents. Tuesday afternoon one city employee show up around 3:30pm after we cleaned up the manhattan ave to do a little touch up with snow blower smaller that I have, I’m not kidding after we’re finished he showed up with a little snow blower by himself and told me that he was send to do little touch up as the people was already done. Mayor Bill Finch, really a small snow blower???? WTF!!!!
    I was stuck for 4 days and only got out because neighbors and I did your job, my street still the as we left on Tuesday afternoon, means we’ll be stuck if the whole thing was not done by us!!!!
    I hope that you going to get out of your position…

  19. eddie santos says:

    resign? hes got to go now,he didnt care about any of us during and after the storm,i had to walk 4 blocks on the snow to cbs and thought was going to have a heart attack.no excuse.

  20. Arthur Minto says:

    Comeon, Comeon, It doesn’t matter what Bill does for this city. He will for whatever reason have these detractors that 2nd guess every move he makes. As a former resident of the city, I watch with interest as Mr. Finch tries to move the city ahead, with resources that are melting each and every day that the man tries to do his best for the city and citizendry of the fair…or NOT Park City. Give the man a break. As a former neighbor, I observed that he was up on Bridgeport back when I lived there, and I think the man has enough character to continue to be up on Bridgeport. Instead of tearing him down every step of the way, try getting behind the man, to improve your hometown,Thanks Art Minto

  21. Jo Ann says:

    I am with them..he needs to resign…Incompetent and very condescending to the very people who gave him his job. Hey Bill, now who’s the yahoo.