Facebook group calls for Finch’s resignation

BRIDGEPORT — Nemo has made Mayor Bill Finch a very unpopular man.

Nearly a week after Blizzard Nemo dumped 30 inches of snow in the city — and more in nearby towns — Bridgeport is still digging its way out. In response to the city’s delay in clearing streets, someone has started a Facebook group asking Finch to resign.

In the group’s description someone wrote, “Mayor Finch’s incompetence during Blizzard NEMO has not only hurt the city financially but endangered the health and safety of our city’s residents. HE MUST RESIGN!”

On Thursday evening, the city announced that almost 100 percent of streets were passable, but the snow emergency parking ban remains in place.

That means there is No Parking on marked Snow Emergency streets. No parking on Snow Emergency streets allows our crews to clear the streets of snow so emergency vehicles have safe passage.

Alternate side of the street parking continues in effect on all other streets – odd side on odd-numbered days and even-side on even-numbered days.

Keila Torres Ocasio