City towed your car? Want your $$$ back? Won’t be easy.

Some residents who feel they were unfairly caught up in the city’s post-blizzard towing blitz want Mayor Bill Finch’s administration to reimburse them the $75 parking ticket and minimum $110 towing fee.

As we reported today Bridgeport has so far seized 400 vehicles.

The city’s response? The police department strongly urges anyone who feels they were the victim of an unjust tow to appeal the $75 parking violation as they would any other ticket.

But what about getting back their $110?

That’s actually up to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. And according to agency spokesman Bill Seymour the DMV has little discretion when it comes to determining whether or not a tow was justified.

Basically, Seymour said, if a tow was authorized by local law enforcement under municipal statutes, it was legal and proper. Nothing changes that.

In fact, Seymour said, even if a resident successfully appealed the related parking violation, that victory cannot then be used to compel a towing company to reimburse the towing expenses.

“There’s nothing we can do about it,” Seymour said. “We’re going to look at was the tow authorized by police either directly or through policy?”

But for those of you who like a challenge, here’s a link for logging a complaint with the DMV.

Brian Lockhart