David Walker says he’s not running for mayor … but adds never say never.

David Walker’s been a busy guy in Bridgeport.

The former U.S. Comptroller General under Republican President George W. Bush-turned-Bridgeport resident is a driving force behind a bipartisan legislative proposal to keep municipal employees off of the City Council.

I was a fly on the wall at a meeting in the Black Rock neighborhood Thursday night to discuss the bill. And while there were several local activists there, from former mayoral candidates to sitting state legislators, it often seemed Walker was running the show.

And Tuesday Walker took time to attend a public hearing at City Hall on Democratic Mayor Bill Finch’s response to the recent blizzard.

“Blasted” is an overused word in journalism these days, but that best describes Walker’s rant. He accused the administration of gross mismanagement.

“If you can’t do your job, step aside for people who can,” Walker thundered at Finch, his public works staff, and the all-Democratic City Council.

His appearance had me wondering if this guy may be considering a run for mayor.

Walker Thursday said no. He said while he has been approached to run for various offices, he is not interested.

But, he added, one never says never.

I understand from acquaintances that one of Walker’s challenges is his independence. While he worked for President Bush, Walker is not really allied with one party.

As we reported in a 2011 profile, Walker’s office is decorated with busts of ex-Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and George Washington.

Here’s Walker in a 2010 appearance on The Daily Show:

Brian Lockhart