Zoners to take up controversial Testo’s Restaurant request Mar. 11

Democratic Chairman Mario Testa’s renewed effort to alter the zoning for his Madison Avenue restaurant, Testa’s, is back on the Zoning Commission’s agenda after the Feb. 25 meeting’s cancellation:

City of Bridgeport
Planning & Zoning Commission

Monday, March 11, 2013
(the reschedule of Feb. 25th)
Public Hearing at 6:45pm
In City Hall Council Chambers


(13-06) 1773, 1843 & 1849 Madison Ave. – Petition of 1775 Madison Investments, LLC & 1849 Madison Investments, LLC – Seeking a map amendment to the 2008 Master Plan of Conservation and Development (Table 14-1) – future land use plan from a residential zone to a mixed use zone.

Brian Lockhart