Zoners to take up controversial Testo’s Restaurant request Mar. 11

Democratic Chairman Mario Testa’s renewed effort to alter the zoning for his Madison Avenue restaurant, Testa’s, is back on the Zoning Commission’s agenda after the Feb. 25 meeting’s cancellation:

City of Bridgeport
Planning & Zoning Commission

Monday, March 11, 2013
(the reschedule of Feb. 25th)
Public Hearing at 6:45pm
In City Hall Council Chambers


(13-06) 1773, 1843 & 1849 Madison Ave. – Petition of 1775 Madison Investments, LLC & 1849 Madison Investments, LLC – Seeking a map amendment to the 2008 Master Plan of Conservation and Development (Table 14-1) – future land use plan from a residential zone to a mixed use zone.

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Brian Lockhart

7 Responses

  1. Harry Kowalkski says:

    Walker is pretty quiet about the mayor’s plan to squander our tax dollars on a water taxi when the city can’t afford to plow the streets…

  2. Harry Kowalkski says:

    Walker fiiddled while Bush destrionoyed the economy with his deregulation and sensless wars. INdependent in name only…on the payroll of corporate interests who want to destroy freedom in this country describes your kind. SHU is Sacred Heart University. You know nothing of this region yet have an opinion on everything.

  3. Dave Walker says:

    You are poorly informed. I was a very successful Comptroller General who won many international and domestic awards for my service. I am a political independent who calls it as I see it, says what I mean, and means what I say. What is SHU?

  4. Harry Kowalkski says:

    Well well well…Walker the failed federal official who did nothing while the GOP destroyed the middle class and not satisfied with that supported Mitt Romney who made a fortune putting American workers on the unemployment line. While I think this deal smells you can bet Mr Walker is playing both sides of this and is probably hanging out at SHU fundraisers with the local business mafia ….you know all the GOP businesspeople at the Bpt Reg Business Council who never met a working person they liked

  5. Dave Walker says:

    Rumor is this spot zoning request is being made to facilitate a sale of the property to Sacred Heart Univeristy or another non-profit organization. Bridegeport can not afford to take more property off its tax rolls. The public interest decision is clear. Let’s see who prevails. The people will be watching.

  6. GadFly says:

    TIme to maybe start investigating Mario

  7. This request for spot zoning can affect every neighborhood in Bridgeport. If you oppose this please come to the meeting and speak on the record.