Mayor Finch: If GOP won’t cooperate on gun control, do it without ’em.

While Democrats Gov. Dannel Malloy and Mayor Bill Finch were holding a press event in Democrat-dominated Bridgeport Tuesday morning on the former’s post-Sandy Hook gun control proposals, a legislative committee prepared to release its own recommendations.

Finch’s comments anticipated the results. As my Hearst colleague, Ken Dixon, reported later from Hartford, “Republicans Tuesday rejected two of the major gun control responses to the Sandy Hook School massacre, possibly demolishing the bipartisan framework legislative leaders erected earlier this year.”

Finch earlier in the day, reacting to Malloy’s comments that he is hoping for a bipartisan solution, said, “Frankly, I think it’s nice people are trying to make this bipartisan. But if Republicans can’t get out of their own way and support common sense gun control then I say do it without ’em.”
Malloy indicated he will not wait for a package that satisfies both parties.
“I’m hopeful this will be done on a bipartisan basis. It should be. But if it’s not then it will be done by the people who support a package like this as opposed to the people who don’t,” the governor said.
Brian Lockhart