Oxford first selectman annouces reelection bid


  OXFORD — First Selectman George Temple has announced he will seek reelection to a second, two-year term. He made the announcement this past weekend. Jeff Haney, his running mate from 2011, will also be seeking reelection as selectman.
The following is the speech Temple gave announcing his reelection bid:


 I want to thank everyone for being here tonight.  It has been my privilege to serve as Oxford’s first selectman for the past 15 months.  During that time we have made progress in several significant areas.  Some are readily apparent such as the road improvements, high school field, and proposed play scape and library.  Others are not as obvious such as extended business hours in town hall, reestablishing credibility in our tax office, support of our public works department and just being there for the people in difficult times.  As a good Republican, I am always keenly aware of finances and efficiency.  
It isn’t always easy to be a First Selectman or Mayor in a small town. The state and federal government are both willing to balance their budget at the expense of municipal governments. They are perfectly willing to tell small towns how to spend their money but are rarely there to help bear the financial burden. 


The job of First Selectman comes with this frustration, but it is a job that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing.  We are setting the wheels in motion that will make our town a showplace that engenders civic pride. We look to better serve our younger residents while being mindful of the tax burden borne by our seniors. We are able to point to projects and programs that reflect an eye to the future, but an ear to the past.
 I have not looked at party politics or personal loyalties in selecting employees or board members. My paramount concern has always been the best interest of the town of Oxford. I have encouraged all citizens to feel free to call or drop in at any time to discuss issues that concern them. As a result of that policy I have enjoyed many frank and productive conversations from all corners of Oxford.
 Tonight, I once again ask my party and the citizens of Oxford to support me as I seek re-election as your First Selectman. I am pleased and proud to announce that Jeff Haney will join me as a candidate for the Board of Selectmen. Jeff epitomizes dedication to the town at personal sacrifice.
Our motto will be “Temple & Haney – Together Again.’’
I am proud of Oxford. I know what we can do. I have the heart, the dedication and the willingness to sacrifice and cooperate in order to realize the goals that our Town so richly deserves. I know that everything is possible when we all continue to work together.  



Anne Amato