Councilman Curwen says he might return to the Council. Huh?!?!?!

It’s been over two months since veteran Bridgeport City Councilman Bob Curwen, D-138, resigned suddenly from that body to move his family to Virginia.

Curwen was heading south to seek special treatment for his daughter, who suffers from epilepsy.

Records show he sold his house in mid-January.

Problem is Curwen has not submitted a letter of resignation to the council so that group can appoint a replacement to conclude Curwen’s term.

That leaves his seat in limbo.

So what’s the deal? Turns out Curwen would like to return to Bridgeport and his political career.

“That’s a distinct possibility,” Curwen said Monday evening by phone. “I did move down here temporarily to try to get some medical attention for my daughter. If things progress as they are working right now, I may return. So I am being – ‘optimistically cautious’ is the best way for me to put it to you. If (things) don’t get any better then they (the Council) will be receiving a letter.”

Curwen said he has spoken to both Council President Tom McCarthy and Bridgeport Democratic Chairman Mario Testa about the situation.

But how long does Curwen expect to leave his constituents without representation?

“I would say you’ll probably know something this month,” Curwen said.

Brian Lockhart