Litter pick-up effort in Milford begins today

We received this press release from Milford City Hall recently:

MILFORD — Mayor Ben Blake and the Milford Conservation Commission are challenging the citizens of Milford to pick up 50,000 pieces of litter by May 11 when the city will celebrate Earth Day.

Called the “50K by Earth Day Litter Challenge,” this campaign offers all individuals, households, school groups, scouts and civic organizations the opportunity to work together in cleaning up the city’s streets, open spaces and beaches in an all-out spring cleaning.

If each citizen picks up one piece of litter, Milford will reach its 50K goal. Mayor Blake will help kick off the campaign on Monday, April 1, at 3:30 p.m., at the Fowler Pavilion with students and other participants cleaning up the field and adjacent Wilcox Park.

Litter should be bagged and left for regular curbside pickup or recycling according to the normal rules. The approximate number of items (doesn’t need to be exact) can be reported online at this website or by filling out and dropping a form in a box at the Milford Public Library or at the Milford Earth Day registration booth.

The public is urged to be safe – use caution when cleaning up near high traffic areas, wear gloves, and be careful when handling sharp objects. Large objects or hazardous materials not suited to curbside pickup, or evidence of dumping, should be left in place and reported through the Milford Conservation Commission Facebook page, or reported to Milford Public Works (203-783-3265).

John Burgeson