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Mayor Bill Finch on gun control deal in Hartford


The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities today issued statements from some big city mayors, including Bridgeport’s Bill Finch, on the bi-partisan gun control legislation unveiled yesterday by leaders of the state General Assembly.

Here’s what Finch said: “The world is watching Connecticut and I’m proud to say that our Legislature delivered on a bi-partisan package of measures that will keep our schools safer, addresses mental health issues and creates comprehensive gun laws that address gun trafficking, gun safety, assault weapons and large capacity magazines. We must do everything we can to protect our residents, especially our children; I believe that these new measures will go a long way in helping to curb the gun violence we see in our cities and preventing tragedies like we saw in Sandy Hook from ever happening again. Now, I hope that leadership in Washington can follow Connecticut’s lead.”

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Brian Lockhart

One Response

  1. Dave Walker says:

    Mayor Finch, have you called Bass Pro Shop and asked them if they are still coming to Bridgeport? I was all for additional gun control but I fear that this bill may have gove too far in some respects and while having loopholes in other respects.