Woman brings niece to meet Mayor Finch the celebrity


Minister Velma Lovelace signed up in advance to speak at Mayor Bill Finch’s weekly brown bag lunch Wednesday. Unlike other residents, though, she didn’t want to share any problems, concerns or issues with the city’s chief elected official. She just wanted him to meet her niece.

“We always see you on TV,” said Lovelace, who has met the mayor before, “and I wanted her to get a close look at you.”

“And I look just as funny-looking in person,” Finch joked.

“No, you look much nicer than on TV,” Lovelace said. “A lot of people really don’t know you and they don’t know what you do for Bridgeport.”

When Finch looked on expectantly, waiting for her to share any concerns, Lovelace said, “No. That was it. I just wanted her to meet you.”

Her niece, Natalie DeCosta, meanwhile, sat by quietly, laughing along with the half dozen residents waiting to share their city issues with Finch. DeCosta said she didn’t know the mayor made himself available to taxpayers every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m.

“I didn’t know this was available. That you were this accessible,” she said. “I think it needs to be promoted more so people can know…and that you are so cool too.”

That comment made Finch laugh. That’s not what his kids think, he said, noting that his young children think he’s “corny.” He then proceeded to explain why — by singing the riff Rihanna belts out on a commercial about how “Obama’s on fire.”

Keila Torres Ocasio