Connecticut Air & Space Center to stage panel discussion on pioneer aviators

We just received this press release:

Andrew King, Executive Director of Connecticut Air & Space Center will conduct a panel discussion on Gustav Whitehead and Chance Vought that will focus on the accomplishments of both aviation pioneers with emphasis on the recent recognition of Gustav Whitehead being the first to fly a controlled, powered aircraft.

Chance M. Vought was the founder of the company that designed and produced the Corsair fighter-bomber, one of the most successful war planes of World War II.

Also planned are discussions on the many aircraft that were developed and built in the Stratford and Bridgeport are, the current restoration of a Corsair fighter and the possible restoration of a Sikorsky flying boat by CASC.

The panel will include CASC board members Andrew King, Andrew Kosch, noted Whitehead expert; Chris Soltis, museum curator; and Ed McGuinness, the Corsair restoration project manager.

The panel discussion will be held Sunday, May 5th, at the Stratford Library, 2203 Main St., beginning at 2 p.m. All are welcomed to attend.

John Burgeson