Finch lauds Fairfield-based GE’s decision to end lending to gun shops

Our business reporter, Rob Varnon, explained earlier Wednesday how GE Capital – the retail lending division of Fairfield-based General Electric Co. – has decided to end a lending program for gun shops post-Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

The story was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch this evening issued his own response to GE Capital’s decision:

“GE’s decision is the latest of the many positives that have resulted from the tragedy of Newtown. Urban and suburban neighbors, public and private sectors and here in Connecticut, Democrats and Republicans have all come together to enact change to help keep us safe from the dangers of gun violence. I applaud GE for this bold and brave move and I hope that others who help finance gun purchases follow their lead. I hope that this will serve as another example to Congress that our nation wants gun control reforms.”


Brian Lockhart