Teens hurt after car lands upside down in creek

Fairfield — Two brothers were hospitalized when their car flipped into a creek and started filling with water about 4 p.m. Wednesday.

When the car veered off of Osborne Hill Road near Glen Arden Drive, it sent a fire hydrant sailing some 20 yards into the woods, swiped a utility pole and then dropped maybe 10 feet into the brook, upside down.

Nathan Roberts, who lives nearby, ran outside his home and down to the creek, where he pulled the two teens from the car.

“They’re in there screaming,” Roberts said. “The driver was upside down, with the water coming up his face.”

Roberts said the younger brother, about 14 years old, claimed his older brother had a seizure while driving down the steep road. The younger brother tried to steady the steering wheel.

The teens were conscious, Roberts and fire officials said, but first responders took them to the hospital.

Robert’s son, Nate, was watching TV in his home when he heard tires screeching and saw the golden Lexus with North Carolina plates crash about 50 yards across the way from his window.

“I called 911 and told my dad to get outside,” he said.

Tim Loh