With delay unlikely, Bridgeport gearing up for property revaluation

Mayor Bill Finch was hoping to delay the city’s property revaluation but on numerous occasions has said he is doubtful state lawmakers will be on board with the proposal.

There are still several weeks left in the 2013 legislative session, but with the revaluation required this year – and Gov. Dannel Malloy having opposed similar revaluation delays in the past –  the city can’t wait on the General Assembly to make a decision.

So the work has been put out to bid. Below is a photo of the bid documents posted downtown at the Margaret E. Morton Government Center.

It should be noted when Malloy was mayor of Stamford he wanted to put off his revaluation.






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Brian Lockhart

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  1. dave says:

    Yeah this Mayor wants to delay the revaluations that are coming. Because every single property has lost value and are going to go down. And Finch does not want that. He wants to claim that this city is not the highest taxed city and also he won’t acknowledge he has sent this city further down the hole it’s in. The value’s will go down and his answer will be to raise the Mill Rate even higher. The city residents lose either way. Welcome to Bridgeport.