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Testa goes before zoning Tuesday, hosts Mayor’s Ball Saturday


Testo’s Restaurant is on Tuesday’s Zoning Commission agenda.

Having successfully convinced city officials to amend Bridgeport’s Master Plan to formally recognize his Italian eatery as a commercial use, Bridgeport Democratic Chairman Mario Testa now wants related zoning changes for Testo’s.

Testa’s attorney, Charles Willinger, insists his client only wants the changes to make it easier to refinance. Neighbors suspect Testa either wants to expand or sell to a buyer who wants the property for other commercial uses.

Those same opponents allege that he has an advantage because of his position as a political power broker in Democrat-dominated Bridgeport.

That’s nonsense, according to Willinger, who adds it’s unfair to penalize his client’s business because of the owner’s political activities.

If Testa obtains his zoning approval, perhaps someone will toast his success Saturday when Testo’s hosts Mayor Bill Finch’s annual Mayor’s Ball at 7 p.m.




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Brian Lockhart

2 Responses

  1. dave says:

    The city is in a finacial hole , but let’s have a ball at Testo’s. Can you spell corrupted. F.i.n.c.h. That’s how. And who is paying for the ball?????? Let me guess. The broken city tax payers. Shame on them. They have nothing to be celebrating about.

  2. lck says:

    Does anyone really think this isn’t an already done deal?