Finch avoids meeting with five-time UB champions

BRIDGEPORT — When the City Council started its regular meeting Monday, it was announced that Mayor Bill Finch would be late. It took all of two minutes to figure out why.

The University of Bridgeport Women’s Gymnastics Team was being honored by the council for earning its 5th consecutive National Championship. The mayor’s disdain for his city’s four-year university is a matter of public knowledge.

State senators Andres Ayala, D-Bridgeport, and Anthony Musto, D-Trumbull, meanwhile took the time to send out a statement congratulating the group for its fifth win and announcing that they too presented the students with a citation.

“I could not be more proud of the young women on the University of Bridgeport’s gymnastics team,” Ayala said. “These student athletes have continued the dynasty of victory, and I offer my most sincere congratulations to them for giving their all year after year.”

The University of Bridgeport Purple Knights overcame Texas Women’s University at the championship in Louisiana, setting a school record along the way.

“The Purple Knights gymnastics team should be very proud of what they have accomplished,” said Senator Musto. “Winning the team championship is remarkable enough, but to set a school record and continue this five-year tradition of excellence is an accomplishment that the entire state of Connecticut should applaud.”

Everyone except Finch, apparently, who was eating at an Asian restaurant in the city’s Hollow neighborhood during the council’s presentation in honor of the gymnasts. The mayor was just late enough to emerge from the Democratic Caucus Room at the back of the Council chambers just as the women gymnasts were exciting out the front.

Keila Torres Ocasio