Track the 17-year Cicada

This week, cicada are beginning to emerge from a 17-year underground gestation. Scientists predict swarms of bugs all along the east coast filling the air with an audible mating buzz.

To help track the emergence of the creatures, UConn scientists and Radiolab have put together this map, where users can report and track cicada sightings and the changing soil temperatures that herald their arrival.

Keep checking this space to find out where the swarms are and if you see a cicada you can contribute to the map by clicking this link.

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Chris Duray

5 Responses

  1. John Underwood says:

    Spotted one adult in the backyard here in Brooklyn, Ct. Which seems North and East of where they should be…

  2. Paul says:

    There are annual cicadas which appear every year and periodical cicadas which appear every 13 or 17 years depending on the particular type. This year Brood II, a 17 year periodical, will be emerging in large numbers on the east coast.

  3. Kate Morris says:

    I think you hear the locust , mostly each Aug.

  4. Kate Morris says:

    They have arrived in East Hampton CT…all around the lake is a buzz
    Started about 24 hrs ago

  5. Steve K says:

    I don’t get it. I hear and see them every year, not every 17 years.