Don Eversley’s back in Bridgeport

Colleague Keila Torres spotted Don Eversley, Bridgeport’s ex-economic development chief, downtown Thursday afternoon.

“At the corner of Main and John (streets), in a blue rain jacket and jeans, talking to Ben Henson, the city planner,” Torres reported.

Eversley went from Mayor Bill Finch’s economic development chief to trying to help Finch revive a private/public economic development partnership to quietly moving on when the latter didn’t work out.

Last we knew, Eversley had landed on his feet in New York City – where he’d been living while working in Bridgeport – and was trying to settle scores with some local online critics.

Henson just helped to found the B:Hive downtown.


Finch, left, introduces Eversley as his new economic development chief in 2008.

Brian Lockhart