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Port Authority/Sal DiNardo eminent domain deal tabled


The Bridgeport City Council’s Planning and Economic Development Committee Tuesday tabled a discussion and vote on a proposal by the Port Authority to seize a vacant 11 acres in the South End using eminent domain and lease it to controversial developer Sal DiNardo.

Colleague Keila Torres Ocasio reported the details last month.

The stated reason for the tabling? Councilwoman Denese Taylor-Moye, D-131, who represents the neighborhood, was unable to attend Tuesday’s committee meeting and asked the discussion be postponed so she can participate.

The council’s been in a particularly inquisitive mood recently after being left in the dark over a decision by Mayor Bill Finch’s administration to spend $400,000 on a driveway for another controversial developer – Manny “Manuel” Moutinho – and hire his construction company to install it.

With that in mind, it’s hard to believe the DiNardo deal isn’t in for a fair amount of scrutiny.

And it will be interesting to learn how the Port Authority can seize anything when that entity is broke.



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Brian Lockhart

2 Responses

  1. Ellen O says:

    DiNardo, and every other contractor should not be able to do business in Bridgeport until ALL their back taxes are paid, and up to date. Here’s another good idea. Any contractor who donates to a political party should not be considered at all. Time for big changes in Bridgeport. These guys rip us off but don’t live here.

  2. Bpt Exile says:

    long overdue…Dinardo should be thoroughly investigated….when is he going to pay his back taxes