Citizens Working 4 Better Bpt. seeking City Council candidates

Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport, which has been growing more and more active in city politics thanks in part to semi-celebrity member David Walker, a former U.S. Comptroller General, is looking for a few good folks to run for Bridgeport City Council.

The council’s currently an all-Democrat body. Citizens says the group doesn’t care about party. But candidates must meet certain criteria.

Here’s their pitch. Are YOU the candidate Citizens is looking for?:



Phil Blagys: (203) 218-1989

Dave Walker: (202) 679-0257


Citizens Action Group CW4BB is Looking to Identify and Support Candidates for City Council


Bridgeport CT, June 24, 2013 – On June 24, 2013 the Citizens Action Group (CW4BB) announced that they are seeking qualified, reform- minded candidates to run for the Bridgeport City Council. All 20 of the current elected City Council members are up for re-election in the current election cycle. The group is offering to support potential candidates regardless of party affiliation if they are truly serious about addressing Bridgeport’s serious governance, financial, education and service challenges. This includes identifying and eliminating conflicts of interest, charter violations and political cronyism in Bridgeport. CW4BB has listed the following criteria for candidates:





Ø  I agree that my first commitment is to serve the interests of my constituents and the city and not any particular political party, individual or special interest group.

Ø   I commit to act in an honest, professional and ethical manner in connection with all my public duties and responsibilities.

Ø   I commit to read, understand and do my best to ensure that the City Charter and ordinances applicable to the City Council are upheld.

Ø   I commit to make attending City Council and committee meetings for which I am assigned a top priority and to study the issues that I am asked to vote on.

Ø   I commit, to the best of my ability, to hold the Mayor and his/her administration accountable for properly and ethically discharging their responsibilities consistent with the City Charter and applicable ordinances.

Ø   I commit to do my best to help promote economic growth and job opportunities in order to ensure that the city’s tax base grows faster than the city’s budget so property tax burdens can be reduced over time.

Ø   I commit not to accept any city job or contracts with the city which are funded by the City of Bridgeport’s Treasury (does not apply to the BOE) while serving on the City Council.

Ø   I commit to recuse myself from any and all matters where I have or may appear to have a conflict of interest and to publicly disclose any and all city related matters where my family members or close friends are involved.

Ø   I commit to promote transparency and accountability in city government, especially in regard to financial matters, and will promptly disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest that become known to me.

Ø   I commit to support responsible education reform and funding that focuses on improving student performance and includes appropriate transparency, controls and accountability mechanisms for both the Board of Education and the Superintendent.

Ø  I commit to support the need for the creation of a Charter Review Commission for the purpose of pursuing meaningful and comprehensive charter reform.

Ø   I commit to support the need for a state appointed Financial Control Board for the city in order to help restructure its finances and avoid bankruptcy.

Ø   I commit to holding periodic “town hall” meetings and related forums for the purpose of informing my constituents, providing them an opportunity to express their views, and responding to their questions on important issues facing our city.

Please contact Dave Walker or Phil Blagys ASAP if you are interested in running .

About Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport

CW4BB is dedicated to improving the city through constructive and non-partisan community activism. The coalition is especially concerned with The City of Bridgeport’s governance practices, financial condition, education system, economic development and public services.


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Brian Lockhart

2 Responses

  1. East Side Eddie says:

    And why is the CT Post pushing this. So far Walker has gotten a free ride from the local press. No one is questioning his time at Arthur Andersen and whether or not he was there while Enron was cooking the books. We know he claims he left after the crap hit the fan but that just means he got out in time. And as GAO chief he wanted to investigate this…he had a definite conflict of interest. And why is he running an obscure non profit with his so called credentials. And if you have read his comments or seen him in person he doesn’t play well with others

  2. East Side Eddie says:

    This is about privatization of city services. Just like Finch and his buddies Walker is a big supporter of Paul Vallas who was declared qualified to be Superintendent despite passing a so-called course which would make a matchbox diploma look good. And notice the area code for Walker. If he is so committed to Bport…he couldn’t be bothered to get a local phone number? I will bet you anthing this so-called reform group is backed by the same clowns ant the Bridgeport Regional Business Council who have been backing Finch. They like to ask questions…they should be asked questions themselves