Yes, Bridgeport’s newly repaved State Street is already being disturbed…

Bridgeport and the state in May repaved the city’s downtown.

When the work was happening some folks in the Connecticut Post newsroom overlooking State Street wondered how long it would be until the new roads were dug up.

A little over a month.

Crews were busy Monday and Tuesday doing something at the intersection of State Street and Lafayette Boulevard.

Here’s what  Mayor Bill Finch’s office had to say about it:

“The WPCA (Bridgeport Water Pollution Control Authority) is working on a sewer line relining project, which will help reduce the cost of replacement and is more economical in places where you do not have to do sewer separation (meaning separating storm water from waste). The process for the use of these funds occurs every year when the WPCA prepares a feasibility study, followed by design, bidding and construction, all of which is done up to five years in the future, and which determines when the work will be done assuming DEEP (the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) approves the plan. While it’s not ideal to open up a street, the paving of which was overseen by the state using state funding, after paving work has already been completed, the relatively small pavement opening around a manhole cover will be appropriately patched and secured to allow it to as closely as possible match the newly paved condition.”




Brian Lockhart