Poll: Should Vallas stay or must he go?

The State Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to decide whether Paul Vallas, the acting Bridgeport schools superintendent, is qualified to hold the job.

It is anticipated that oral arguments will take place during the first term of the Supreme Court, which is the week of Sept. 16-27.

At issue is whether Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis erred when she ruled last month that the independent study course Vallas took this spring at the University of Connecticut was not sufficient to warrant the certification waiver required to hold the job of school superintendent.

A state law allows such exceptions when the program is approved by the state Board of Education and endorsed by the commissioner of education.

Vallas has been with the district since late 2011 in an acting capacity to help a district that was severely underfunded and under-performing.

He has led school districts in Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans, but lacks the educational credentials to hold the job permanently in Connecticut.

The state-appointed school board that hired Vallas was replaced by an elected school board last fall at the order of the Supreme Court. That elected board voted 5-4 this year to give Vallas a three-year contract.

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Should the State Supreme Court let Vallas stay as Bridgeport schools chief?

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Frank Juliano

4 Responses

  1. donald greenberg says:

    vallas needs to meet full state requirements. most of what has been accomplished was started well before he got here. It is also brick and mortar what about real education reforms especially in grades one thru three. the research indicates that kids who don’t learn to read IN EARLY GRADES ARE THE ONES WHO DROP OUT OR FAIL IN HIGH SCHOOL

  2. Roger Conway says:

    No, he is not qualified for the job.

  3. Readdoctor says:

    Is the board claiming there are no qualified canidates in our state to be an urban superindentdent? Is knowledge of Connecticut Education Law necessary? It certainly appears the govenor, the mayor, and the Board might even be lacking in the law area themselves. My opinion is the citizens of our state are tired on one law for most, and something else for the politically connected.

  4. East Side Eddie says:

    Hit the road Vallas and take Moales with you. Holy Moley has to go