Dem Chair Testa urges unity against Working Families Party

For years Bridgeport’s Democratic leaders have had it easy.

Sure, there’s infighting. But life’s a lot easier when there’s no opposing party to worry about.

And try as they might, Bridgeport’s Republicans have not played a major role in governing for decades. They’ve been relegated to appointed positions on various commissions.

But this year the Democrats are anxious about another group – the Working Families Party.

Though Working Families can be counted on to back Democrats in some statewide races, such as the 2012 contests for U.S. Senate and U.S. House, in Bridgeport members elected to the school board are causing Mayor Bill Finch headaches.

They typically don’t have the votes to actually block the Finch administration’s initiatives, but they certainly like to debate the Democrat-majority. And that has resulted in the kind of heated meetings that arise when one party isn’t used to having to defend its decisions.

Between votes at Monday’s city Democratic nominating convention for council and school board candidates, both Finch and Democratic Chairman Mario Testa – who hosted the affair at his Italian restaurant – urged unity heading into the fall.

Finch – who has not always backed Testa – Monday called him, “The greatest town chairman.” Finch also said Testa has had to suffer some unfair shots in public over the years. The mayor didn’t give examples, but could have been referring to continued questions about whether Testa actually calls Bridgeport home.

“Nobody’s taken more bumps than Mario,” Finch said.

The mayor continued, “We can do anything when we stay together as a party … The only thing that could ever foul us up is if we start fighting.”

It was Testa who, in brief comments following Finch, specifically targeted the Working Families Party.

“My main concern is not the Republican Party. It’s the Working Families Party,” Testa said, adding he has fought with state Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo of Trumbull over accepting cross-endorsements from the Working Families.

“They’re going to come after us with everything (they) have,” Testa said.

Yes, there may be some Democratic primaries for council and school board later this summer, Testa said. But, he warned other party leaders, heading into November’s general elections Bridgeport Democrats must pull together.



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Brian Lockhart

8 Responses

  1. East Side Eddie says:

    just you are a teaparty idiot….Acorn doesn’t even exist anymore…and further WF has stood up for working people such as pushing for mandatory sick leave

  2. Sad In Bridgeport says:

    Oh give me a break! The Dems brought this on themselves. WFP did a better job than even the Republicans at exposing the crooked BS of Malloy, Finch, and their cronies. Unity against them? Too damn late. You wouldn’t have had anything to worry about if you hadn’t been so openly corrupt.

  3. Ellen O says:

    There’s no difference between the Democratic Party and the Working Families Party. The results would be exactly the same. If you like the high taxes and the smarmy representation, vote for either party. If you really want a change back to sanity, vote for Independents. Not friends of DiNardo or Moutinho.

  4. DS says:

    Bridgeport is a continued disgrace of a city. Any new political party or group should be welcomed with open arms.

  5. harvey says:

    One lies,and the other swears to it..

  6. East Side Eddie says:

    The GOP and the Dem machine are in bed with each other, They both are anti union..they want to screw over working people

  7. Just some facts says:

    WFP = Acorn, Testa is right – thie WFP is not the friend of working people .

  8. East Side Eddie says:

    Not only should the Working familes party being going after Testa and Finch with everything they have…so should the state’s attorney. These guys should be coming out of a federal court house doing the raincoat over head cha cha