Tom Foley cheers Dem primary results in Bridgeport, Stamford

Greenwich Republican Tom Foley Tuesday chose Bridgeport, a Democrat-dominated city, to announce he is forming an exploratory committee for another gubernatorial bid in 2014.

Foley lost the 2010 contest to Democrat Dannel Malloy with a lot of help from Bridgeport, even though Mayor Bill Finch and the city’s political machine backed Ned Lamont in the gubernatorial primary.

Foley wasted little time today spinning the results of Tuesday’s Democratic school board and council primaries in Bridgeport and Stamford’s mayoral primary, where Malloy for years was mayor, as proof blue Connecticut is souring on his potential opponent:

Statement by Tom Foley on Democratic
Primary Results in Stamford and Bridgeport


Greenwich, Conn., — Tom Foley today issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s Democratic primaries in Stamford and Bridgeport:


“Last night’s Democratic primary results represent more evidence that Governor Malloy’s poor public policy choices and his dismal record of economic mismanagement have made him very vulnerable. Malloy’s endorsed candidate was defeated in Stamford despite the Governor’s endorsement and despite significantly outspending his opponent. And in Bridgeport, Malloy ally Mayor Bill Finch saw his slate of candidates for the Board of Education go down in flames as the challenge slate scored a unanimous victory by a two-to-one margin over the Finch-backed slate.

“I believe these results show that even the Democrats are looking for a new direction and are putting some distance between themselves and Malloy’s shameful performance as governor. Even the Democrats understand an 8.1 percent unemployment rate and two consecutive years of negative economic growth under Malloy. Having the worst economy in the entire country is a distinction that resonates across all Party lines. Malloy has been tossing around some phony job numbers lately – but it appears those numbers are unconvincing even to his fellow Democrats.”


Brian Lockhart