Former Marrero Restaurant is new Crossroads Pizza site


BRIDGEPORT — For weeks I’ve been wondering what happened to Crossroads Pizza since their Boston Avenue site has been closed for a while now.
Well, the pizza place has moved to the upper East Main Street site known best as the former site of the controversial Marrero family’s restaurant.

If you go back about eight years you’ll remember both the restaurant and the adjacent Absorb Discount Liquor were implicated in a drug-trafficking conspiracy headed by the Marrero ‘s sons, Juan Jr. and Victor. Both sons pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine and are awaiting sentencing.

The FBI investigation into the Marreros’ operation resulted in the arrest and conviction of approximately 36 people including Jeffrey Streck, a now retired Bridgeport police detective; Anthony Erodici, a state corrections officer and Shawn Fardy, a former Democratic town committee chairman. Evidence linked Juan Marrero Jr. to dealings involving cocaine, marijuana and Oxycodone, a narcotic painkiller.

Juan Marrero, if you recall, was also the one that outed former Mayor John Fabrizi’s cocaine use in an FBI report.

For Crossroads Pizza, though, the move could only bring positive news, since the new location is definitely an upgrade from the pizza place’s little Boston Avenue storefront.

Hope it does well there.

Keila Torres Ocasio