Mom arrested for Monroe party

Joann Bisesi, of Arbor Road, Monroe was charged with risk of injury to a minor and permitting minors to possess alcohol after police said she allowed her 15-year-old daughter to host a party at their home in which kids from Jockey Hollow Middle School drank alcohol, smoked marijuana and had sexual relations. About 40 kids attended the June 1 party, police said. They said Bisesi was home during the party and partygoers told police she was “chill with that kind of stuff.” Police said witnesses told them Bisesi gave her daughter $200 to buy alcohol and marijuana.

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Daniel Tepfer

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  1. Sahil says:

    I am really schocked, We cannot expect a behavior like this from mothers.. The world is moving towards its distraction.

    God save the earch

  2. Lynne says:

    Kerri – if you read the entire article, you will see that this mother is also accused of providing her daughter with money for alcohol and marijuana. We have all been overwhelmed by the task of being a parent, but to resort to that level of irresponsibility is nothing short of negligence and should absolutely be against the law.

  3. Kerri Swift says:

    I live in Monroe and my name is Kerri Swift. I am NOT the Kerri above that is defending this mother. I don’t want people thinking the Kerri above is me – it is NOT. I would NEVER, under any circumstance promote drugs, alcohol or sex for any age. My daughter is in that grade and I’m appalled that any mother would allow this no matter what the circumstances are.

  4. Gene says:

    Kerri, I agree with you that kids need proper supervision. That said and I do not know the circumstances of which the children were dropped off at the house, but I can assume that some portion of the parents checked to ensure that a parent was home for this underage party. Those parents that went thru the trouble to walk up to the door I believe were surprised to find out later that they kids were involved with those activities while supervised. To me, that is Promoting this behavior.

  5. Sarah says:

    Sorry Kerri while I respect your right to comment being “drained and desperate” comes with the job as a parent. It takes a village to raise a child… Too bad u cannot trust all those in the village! No exuses for that mom or any other parent that allows this and brings other children in to participate!!

  6. MonroeMom says:

    What you don’t know is that she was there, hanging out with the kids. Kids were passed out on her lawn. These are kids who are 13 years old. They obviously didn’t buy the booze themselves. Kids were having sex in full view in her yard. 8th graders. I’ve never been so drained or depressed that I would allow this kind of behavior to occur on my watch. Even if it was my child’s friends, we’ve know these kids since they were tiny. Who would allow these girls to be exploited bby high school boys for sport? Who would allow them to drink so that their judgement went right out the window? Who would allow this, where everyone on town knows that these little girls had sex with high school students so that they had to go to school the next day to be called every name under the sun? There is nothing about this situation that makes me feel for Mrs. Bisesi.

  7. Kerri says:

    You people are SO quick to judge this mother and point a finger at her! She is accused of “promoting” and “encouraging” the kids to do bad things. I don’t believe that, there was nothing in this article to suggest her actions other than allowing this party to commence. What about the parents of the party attendees?! Should they bear no responsibility? Why did they not know where their kids were and what they were doing? This mom could be drained and desperate, she could need help with parenting techniques. She could be at the end of her rope with her daughter and wanted to allow her to do something (albeit wrong) so that the child would snap out of a depression, or become more popular at school if she’s being picked on, this mother made a mistake but there must be a reason. I don’t believe HOPING kids would be injured by alcohol or drug use or sexual encounters was the reason this mother allowed this party. She needs help. And other parents need to know their kids whereabouts. Kids are going to test boundaries no matter where they are that’s a reality check. They need proper supervision.

  8. MonroeMom says:

    You would think fellow parents would be able to trust each other to keep our kids safe, rather than actually putting them all in a position to make poor decisions. This woman literally put our daughters in a position to be sexually assualted by high school students. She should have been arrrested a very long time ago, and social services should be looking into how she is caring for her own daughters if she is allowing and encouraging them to drink and do drugs. Even if drinking/drugs are good enough for her 2 daughters, she should allow the rest of us to make that decision for our own kids.

  9. Oldiemom says:

    Wow! I guess it’s not so bad being in Bridgeport after all! The ‘burbs are just as messed up!
    This is what happens when you want to be your kids pal and not their parent

  10. Donald says:

    My niece came home from a teenager party inebriated. This happened in Bridgeport and the police officer that responded told my sister there is nothing he could do because the lady would deny that it happened. Big difference in how they handle these things on the suburbs as opposed to the inner city.

  11. Conn mom says:

    How pathetic for any parent to stoop to this level of ignorance and promote drug and alcohol use in their own home! I bet if a girl gets sexually assaulted it becomes the kids fault and they get put in jail! When the homeowner should be the one to get locked up!

  12. JLAW says:

    Wow a real in-depth story!!

  13. Sarah says:

    Parents in Monroe and Shelton, The number of parties involving underage drinking and drug use has been increasing at a disturbing rate. I am asking that you please keep tabs on your high school-age children as underage drinking and pot smoking parties are happening at homes where there is no parental presence, one in particular this Saturday night. Now more than ever, turning a blind eye to teens smuggling booze and pot into your house could mean a hefty fine – or even time in jail.

    I am simply concerned greatly about our kids’ well-being and I want to reach out to parents to help them help their children. We, as parents, need to work together to keep our kids safe.