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State representative Christina Ayala stands at the doorway of Ayala's Restaurant, which is owned by her father Alberto "Tito" Ayala on Beechwood Avenue in Bridgeport, Conn., on Wednesday October 16, 2013. Christina Ayala refused to comment on possible criminal charges after an investigation by the State Elections Enforcement Commission. Photo: Christian Abraham

State representative Christina Ayala stands at the doorway of Ayala’s Restaurant, which is owned by her father Alberto “Tito” Ayala on Beechwood Avenue in Bridgeport, Conn., on Wednesday October 16, 2013. Christina Ayala refused to comment on possible criminal charges after an investigation by the State Elections Enforcement Commission. Photo: Christian Abraham

On Wednesday, the State Elections Enforcement Commission has referred state Rep. Christina Ayala for criminal prosecution in connection with a phony address she used to apply for public financing during her 2012 campaign for the General Assembly.

The commission has recommended five criminal charges, including felonies of fabricating evidence and fraud.

It’s the latest in a series of scandals involving the freshman legislator from Bridgeport, ranging from a hit and run accident, a domestic dispute and an alleged assault on her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

The election commission also called for a criminal investigation of Christina’s mom, Democratic Registrar of Voters Santa Ayala for fraud and conspiracy for allegedly allowing her daughter to use a false address.

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So what are readers saying about the latest revelations?

Here are some comments readers made on CTpost.com and on our Facebook page.

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Coolque: “They are an embarrassment to the city of Bridgeport, the state of Connecticut, the states of the US, and the world.”

rukidding:  “New address for the Ayala family: 1106 North Avenue ??? (Correctional Center).

Flo: “Could you imagine trying to get divorced from her! She puts P.T. Barnum and his circus to shame.”

OhLord: “She is not worthy of public office… However her actions are representative of her district so maybe they get what they vote for!”

BahoPuwet: “It’s time to impeach or recall Queen Ayala. She’s not fit to serve the people. She’s fit to serve in prison.”

New2Bpt: “Alright, lets get this lady out of office please.”

Clare Burke Biagioni: “Bridgeport deserves what they voted in.”

B4NE1: “Nice going to the voters who put these clowns in office! How does it feel to have the State of Connecticut step in and do something that you SHOULD have done on Election Day? You should lose your privelidge to vote because you clearly don’t know what you are doing. This isn’t a popularity contest. Voting is about electing HONEST, INTELLIGENT people with good VALUES and good JUDGEMENT who can help you in YOUR community. Besides having your State Rep “neutered”, more of our money and time is being wasted in dealing with the nonsence you put in office.”

Marsha MCGehee: “All citizens of CT should be held to the same standards, regardless of his or her profession, skin color or gender. Can anyone say ethics?”

StaggerLee:  “Just so you know, the case against her must be pretty strong when an investigation is launched in Bridgeport’s Democrat infested political cesspool.”

Achiever4662: “It’s about time someone woke up to take control of this issues and many more including her mother!”

BlackRockGuy: “She has to go!”

TheValleySpeaks: “ORDINARY PEOPLE Live and Learn. The voters of Bridgeport just seem to live. You got what you wanted. How does she fit now?”

Anastasia: “Another govt employee taking advantage of taxpayers. She should be in jail!”

Aparent: “Well I hope she is not the only one getting investigated in Bridgeport. There has been way to many things getting slipped under the rug and brushed off in this city, and they allow it and it is just disgusting.”

martoma: “Surprise, surprise!! What is taking the state so long? Probs cause they are Dems….Birds of a feather flock together!”

DONNIEBIG: “Why am i not surprised.”

Jessenia Lopez: “Why should she have any title or anything to do with the government after all the charges from the hit and run and now this?…..not a good look for our city, bad enough we have tons of other things going bad in Bridgeport. we need a TRUE role model for this city to rep and show that not everything and everyone is up to no good in my hometown. Someone who ACTUALLY CARES.”

marladarla1: “Tito said if he were in their position, he would leave it up to the voters. “Let the people decide”
As if the few decent people left in this dump of a city had any say in the corrupt politics of this dump of a city! Give us a break. If the people’s voices were heard, Finch, Testa, Ayala and the rest of the Bridgeport political mafia would have been long gone. The only light at the end of my tunnel is a glimmer of hope that soon I will be able to leave here and never look back!”

Citizen 144812: “Really well-done reporting and writing … keep it up and you might have a great book.”

Luisito1414: “My goodness, she looks terrible in that picture! Please, just leave already, it’s ridiculous at this point. She is not representing anyone in this town. She obviously has problems she can not even begin to handle. She is nearly 30 years old and still has teenage “street” problems from the hood’. I apologize Ms Ayala, but you are not a role model. You most certainly can not represent your portion of the town, and you truly do not represent Hispanics in Bridgeport. If anything, you make our sector of the town look even worse. It’s great to hear that you managed to still win after all the drama in your campaign, but your life is full of senseless drama that your best bet is to restock and find employment elsewhere. You do not belong in a position to make ANY changes to this town, because truly, I don’t trust you to lead your own life. Please do your constituents a favor and resign.”












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  1. girlfrombpt says:

    Im not sure if a story like this even deserves a comment, but I’ll write it anyway, with hopes that someone with authority in Bridgeport will take heed. I have personally followed all cases with regard to this “hoodrat” woman. I do not judge or stereotype but if you evoke that kind of personality what do you expect to be perceived? CT Post has a nice way a writing things to deter the importance…she was not involved in a rare car crash…She did a HIT & RUN point blank. And if I were the other party in the accident I would sue for all the law would allow me too. Then you get in a spit spat with your man to the point that you start hitting him? How lady like is that? They were propbably arguing about the girl that she later threatened via text…SOCIAL GANGSTERS!!!! Come on ppl of Bridgeport do you not care about the image and reputation of the city in which you live? Luisito1414 I AGREE FULLY with you!!!!
    Aparent I love the points you make, Bpt needs to be completely revamped to many cliques within town government. And the police force lets just say no wonder crime is so high in Bpt you have a handful of cops who do their job to the best of their ability and the majority just suit up, ride around in Chargers, eat and try to “holla” at everything moving with T & A!!!!! So glad I saved up and moved out of this hellhole called a city. My only hope is that my parents are able to find someone dumb enough to actually buy their house in Bridgeport so that they can move out. The State of CT needs to step in and look at Bridgeport because it is on the brink of becoming a black hole…..if you ask me it already has.
    Christina sorry honey but you HAVE TO GO….or in a way you understand…” GET THE F*CK OUT, WHAT YOU THINK THIS IS…..HOW BOUT YOU STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember that text….Lol:)