Bridgeport native John Ratzenberger launches on-line fundraiser

John Ratzenberger has taken to a web site, Fund Anything, to raise money for a TV series, John Ratzenberger’s American Made.

In his appeal, which you can read heresmall_01795d2a-a482-44ee-876e-012fb282ea18 (1), Ratzenberger, a former Cheers star and the voice of several Pixar animated characters, notes his Park City root.

“My father really was a (Mack) truck driver and my mother worked in a factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut where I grew up.

“I’m going to show you how the best in today’s American made companies make their products and introduce you to the remarkable men and women who use their skill and ingenuity to make it all possible,” the actor and producer wrote.

” To me, the manual arts have always taken precedence over the fine arts. Remember, somebody had to build a ceiling before Michelangelo could go to work.”


Frank Juliano