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Blumenthal seeks to compel ConEd to pay for train outage


Sen. Richard Blumenthal is writing to Consolidated Edison, urging the utility to reconsider its refusal to compensate Metro North Railroad for the $8-12 million the commuter rail lost during a 12-day power outage in September.

Blumenthal and several other U.S. Senator will also ask the New York Public Service Commission to compel the company to compensate MetroNorth using funds from shareholder profits, said his spokeswoman, said his spokesman, Elizabeth Benton.

“ConEd has provided shareholders with an annual dividend of $700 million, indicating that the company can more than afford the refund without impacting ratepayers,” Blumenthal said in a written statement.

“In contrast, the financial burden of refunds paid to riders by MetroNorth will ultimately be borne by the riders themselves—those who suffered most due to the outage,” the senator said.

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Frank Juliano

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  1. John O'Doe says:

    The maintenance scheduling is a Metro North management responsibility. The Cable that Failed was 7years overdue for replacement, which Con Ed cannot do without Clearance & Cooperation from Metro North Management, who have $80,000 a year conductors. The majority of Shareholders of ConEd are ordinary Working-Class Retirees who depend on a Dividend Check every Quarter to Supplement their Low-Cola “Social Security. The Biggest Battle facing Connecticut “PRIVATE SECTOR” WORKING-CLASS retirees is the new Federal Budget, both Democrats & Republicans seem to be on the same page to Reduce our “Social Security” BAD-COLA down to ZERO-COLA, which also includes Disabled Veterans monthly compensation.