Attny: Vallas State Supreme Court case not moot

BRIDGEPORT — A Connecticut Supreme Court decision on whether Paul Vallas is qualified to hold the job of schools superintendent has been dulled quite a bit in the past week but it is still alive.

First Vallas lost the support of a majority of the school board with last Tuesday’s election, making his tenure in the district precarious to say the least. Then it was announced Vallas was going to run for lieutenant governor of Illinois and would resign his job here to do it.

That said, Steven D. Ecker, Vallas attorney, said Monday the case being weighed by the state’s highest court goes on, at least until Vallas leaves.

“At this point, neither side is claiming it is moot,” Ecker said. That may change if the court doesn’t rule before Vallas actually leaves but even then, Ecker said a decision could weigh on Vallas’ reputation.

The court heard oral arguments in September on whether the law was followed when Vallas received a state waiver of the requirement that he hold an educational administrators certificate. A lower court ruled it was not. Although everyone expected a quick answer from the higher court, it has not yet been rendered.


Linda Lambeck