1 dead in Bridgeport crash

A woman was killed in a horrific motor vehicle accident in downtown Bridgeport Saturday afternoon.

Another person was taken away on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance.

The crash happened shortly after 1 p.m. at the intersection of State Street and Lafayette Boulevard, near the federal courthouse.

It involved two vehicles.

Augusto Rodriquez, of Bridgeport, was driving his vehicle behind a white Chevy sedan that struck another car at the intersection.

“It happened so fast,” said Rodriquez who saw the car in front of him strike the gray sedan.

The gray sedan was traveling on Lafayette. The force of impact flipped the vehicle, spreading debris across the intersection.

The white sedan that has New York license plates, sustained heavy front end damage. Its airbags were deployed.

Police, fire department crews and ambulance personnel were all on the scene.

Family members and friends were crying on the scene when it became apparent that the person in the flipped car was dead.

“Why couldn’t it be me,” cried a young man in the street.

A red tarp was draped over the vehicle. Yellow tape was wrapped around the intersection. State Street remains closed between West and Lafayette Blvd. Lafayette remains closed between John Street and the Housatonic Community College parking garage. Drivers should avoid the area.

The identity of the woman who died has not been released, nor have any official details about the crash from the police.

Check back for updates.




Jim Shay