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Gun reported stolen from career college


Students at the Lincoln Technical Institute in Shelton were dismissed early on Tuesday after a student reported a semiautomatic handgun was stolen from his car in the school’s parking lot earlier that day.

Lt Robert Kozlowsky said police were called to the campus on Progress Drive around 10 a.m. Tuesday after a 38-year-old student went to his car on a break and saw that a window had been smashed. The student said a weapon hidden in the car had been stolen.

Police searched the premises and the surrounding area but were unable to locate the weapon. School administrators then released the students.

Kozlowsky said police are continuing to investigate and that more details will be released when they’re available.

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Wes Duplantier

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3 Responses

  1. David Chesler says:

    There ought to be a law against stealing guns.

  2. David Chesler says:

    What? No shelter-in-place? No massive response by SWAT?

  3. igor says:

    Another case of an irresponsible person having a gun. For all the people fighting to own guns, this just reason why we need to crack down on gun ownership. Now there is another semi-automatic on the streets ready to kill someone. This guy should be arrested and fined.