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Police: Fairfield man had news clippings of mass shootings



West Haven police have confirmed that William Dong, 22, of 1336 Stratfield Road in Fairfield, has been charged with illegal possession of an assault weapon, transporting an assault weapon, illegal possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle and breach of peace.

Dong, a University of New Haven student, is being held on a $500,000 bond.

More than a dozen police detectives from West Haven and the FBI converged on Dong’s home Tuesday night after he allegedly brought an assault rifle onto the University of New Haven campus.

Several items were collected from his home, including numerous pistol magazines, ammunition, and newspaper clippings of mass shootings, said Sgt. David Tammaro of the West Haven police.

“West Haven Police want to thank our community for notifying the police immediately, which led to this individual’s quick capture,” Tammaro said.

The university, the adjoining Notre Dame High School and Carrigan Middle School in West Haven were placed in lockdown after witnesses reported seeing a gunman.

After searching the house for about 90 minutes, authorities emerged with a single plastic tub filled with what appeared to be a black container. The contents offered few clues about the man accused of causing the third gun-related scare at a Connecticut university in the last month.

Dong is a graduate of Fairfield Warde High School. Fairfield town records show the house that police searched is owned by Qiang Zhen Dong and Mei Zhen Guo.

Tammaro said the investigation into Tuesday’s incident at UNH is continuing.


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