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Southwestern Connecticut’s holiday houses


With the holiday season always comes great light shows and displays.  All over the world festive homeowners and renters deck out their houses in classic white lights or more spirited colored lights.

Over the years certain houses have grown to fame, such as a house in Milford that is now known as, “That House.”

Other houses, like the houses on Roseville Terrace in Fairfield and Interlaken in Stamford, are more than just light shows. Their entire backyards are open up to neighbors and other partakers.

What drives most of these homeowners year after year to keep decorating their lawns and houses is not only tradition but charity.  After the holiday light season is over, the money these families raise with their hard work and preparation will be donated to charities of their choice.

Just to give you an inside hint on how long some of these displays take to set up, the family on Roseville Terrace has been setting up since June.  The effort certainly shows.  If you’re looking for some family fun this holiday season, take a ride around the area and go visit some of these more famous houses.

Do you know of or own a house that partakes in the holiday light show season?  If so, send your pictures to and we will post them in our slideshows.


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