Poland fires salvo over death case

BRIDGEPORT – The government of Poland has filed papers in Superior Court here seeking to block the upcoming death penalty hearing of former Trumbull resident Richard Roszkowski.

Roszkowski, 48, is scheduled to go before a 12-member jury Jan. 7 for the jury to decide if he should get death for killing a Bridgeport woman, her 9-year-old daughter and a Milford landscaper here in 2006.

This morning Poland, through local lawyer Robert Berke, filed a motion to intercede in the case so that they can oppose Roszkowski getting the death penalty. Although Roszkowski was born in the U.S. Poland claims he is one of their citizens because his mother was born there.


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Daniel Tepfer

6 Responses

  1. EugenioMaldonado says:

    Send him to Poland with a no return clause.

  2. Ted Cornell says:

    What a stupid excuse to not put him to death.

  3. Ted Cornell says:

    Most people born here have someone that was born in another country so I guess that would exempt just about everyone that commits murder. He lives in the US so US law applies.

  4. FestiveOne says:

    Be done with this POS. He should have been dead years ago (like in his teens) This POS has been a POS for quite some time now. Now he`s got Poland backing him, as he manipulates the system. Fry already you POS

  5. igor says:

    So Poland is becoming like the United States. Can’t mind their own business. Now we are trying to tell Russia that they should change their laws about gays. I also think Russia is wrong, but we need to straighten out our own country before we try to tell other countries how to govern.

  6. Pissed off in stratford says:

    This is ridiculous. This man killed three people, not to mention one was only 9 years old, and had to run for her life begging to be spared after seeing her mother gunned down. This piece of you know what deserves what he gave. Im tried of everybody trying to spare his life. The man has no remorse.