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Man faces charges after wild ride on Route 8


A man from Trumbull is looking at motor vehicle charges after he allegedly sped down Route 8 through Bridgeport late Friday morning, sending metal chairs crashing onto the busy highway.

A Bridgeport police detective said he was traveling south on the Route 8 connector around 10 a.m. Friday when he saw 27-year-old David Denicola driving his black Ford Ranger pickup in the same direction at a high rate of speed.

The detective said there was a large unsecured load in the back of the truck and two large white metal chairs went flying from the truck’s bed and into traffic. The detective, who was in his personal unmarked car, swerved out of the way of the chairs and nearly crashed into other cars around him. As he passed the chairs, the detective said he could see other cars in his rear view mirror swerving in all directions to avoid the debris.

The detective tried to pull the truck over, but he said Denicola accelerated to an even more dangerous speed as he went from Route 8 onto northbound Interstate 95. Fearing the rest of the load would fall onto the highway and cause a major crash, the detective called police for a marked backup unit and followed the truck.

Denicola pulled off the interstate at Exit 29 for Seaview Avenue and then parked on Adams Street. The detective asked him why he didn’t stop to pick up the falling chairs or other debris.

“Oh, I didn’t even know,” Denicola reportedly said.

He also allegedly failed to produce proof of insurance at the scene and told the detective he wasn’t sure if he had coverage.

Denicola’s truck was towed and he was issued a summons for failing to secure his load and for driving with insufficient insurance. He was released on a promise to appear in court.

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