Downtown market announces on Facebook it is closing.

628x471BRIDGEPORT – Ripkas Bridgeport Market announced a short time ago on facebook that it is closing its downtown Bridgeport location. The freshfood market, which included a butcher, a bakery, produce stand and deli opened six months ago on Main Street, part of the renovated Arcade Mall.

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Linda Lambeck

3 Responses

  1. A Nonny Mouse says:

    Well, that was disappointingly quick. So much for the theory that all the downtown needed to rise was a grocery store.

  2. Ruby Begonia says:

    That’s a shame.
    Bridgeport needs to support its merchants.

  3. FlyGuy says:

    another example of the failed development policy of Mayor Finch…the BRBC and Finch’s supposed enemies in the GOP who advocate the same bs…