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15 arrested, drugs and weapons seized at New Years party


Bridgeport police arrested a convicted felon and recovered drugs and guns after hearing a large volley of gunfire four minutes into the New Year.

Marcus Mendez, 24, of Maple Street, was charged possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and interfering with police. He was held on a $50,000 bond. He was among 15 people arrested at the New Years party.

Officer David Uliano heard a series of gunshots and saw muzzle flashes from the back yard of a Maple Street home shortly after midnight, police said.

The shots were still being fired when Uliano and Officer Luis Moura, with their own weapons drawn, ordered the men to drop the weapons. The four suspects ran inside, turned off all the lights and barricaded the door, police spokesman William Kaempffer said.

Police found spent shells from a shotgun, assault rifle and two handguns in the back yard. When officers gained entry to the house they found several men on the hallway floor, their arms spread out, Kaempffer said.

Police recovered a 12-gauge shotgun, a carbine rifle with a sawed-off stock, ammunition, narcotics and marijuana.

Heriberto Soto, 25, of Cottage Street, was charged with interfering with police. His bond was set at $500. Mendez and Soto were among the men in the rear yard when the shots were fired, Kaempffer said.

Thirteen other people at the house party were charged with interfering with police.

Mendez, photo provided by Bridgeport police

Mendez, photo provided by Bridgeport police


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