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Large fight at Trumbull movie theater draws police response


Several police units from Trumbull and Bridgeport converged on the Bowtie Cinemas movie theater around 10 p.m. Friday after a large fight was reported at the theater, known as the Marquis 16.

A Trumbull police officer reportedly requested assistance after being assaulted at the theater and police reports in Bridgeport said that more than 100 teenagers were involved in a massive fight there. Several police officers immediately headed up from the city’s East Side to assist their Trumbull counterparts.

But most Bridgeport police units slowed their response just minutes after the call for help, because the first city officers rolling up on scene reported that the fight had broken up and teenagers were dispersing from the scene.

The identity and condition of the officer who was reportedly assaulted was not immediately available. There were no other reported injuries as of late Friday night.

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Wes Duplantier

8 Responses

  1. SeanO says:

    More than 100 teenagers, who did the count ? As the were dispersing on arrival of police, did they reassemble for the count???

  2. A Nonny Mouse says:


  3. anna says:

    this is not true, i was there last night, & there was no massive fight that occurred.

  4. RLV says:

    Oh, wait.! There it is…never mind….

  5. RLV says:

    Hmm? The Post deletes a lot of my comments. Apparently at the staff meeting the new rules are ” no sarcastic Kris Rock or Lewis Black type comments.”
    Humans continue to be a relative unimpressive bunch with no sense of humor.
    I’ll just let it slide as I do most things and move on…

  6. RLV says:

    Back in the day’ you had to be careful in the theater. Once in a while people would drop juju bee’s on the floor and you could get them caught in your sneaker…

  7. bill smith says:

    Future savages of America! I’m sure their mothers and fathers… Um well I’m sure their mothers are very proud.

  8. FEDUP says:

    More of CT’s finest citizens !!!!