Norwalk rescues two kayakers off Marvin beach

The Norwalk Fire Department rescued two kayakers near the Marvin beach area Sunday morning.
According to reports, Norwalk dispatch received a 911 call at 10:37 a.m. from a resident reporting that two people were aboard a small kayak trying to chop through the ice to make it back to shore.  The caller stated that the people appeared to be in distress and were about 75 to 100 feet off shore near the Marvin beach area.

The Norwalk Fire Department was dispatched and responded with their 38-foot-boat, which can break through ice and has a heated cabin to warm up any patients if needed.   The boat was underway within 10 minutes of the initial call and made contact with the kayakers at 11:01 a.m.

The firefighters observed the kayakers attempting to break through ice, which was 1 to 2 inches thick  in places.  Both kayakers were in good health, but did not have any protective gear with them and were dressed in street clothes with no extra thermal value.  The air temperature was in the 20’s,  and the water temperature was 32 degrees with  freezing drizzle.  In these conditions, hypothermia could set in and loss of dexterity would occur in under two minutes and  unconsciousness in under 15 minutes.  Both kayakers were taken aboard the boat and brought to shore in good condition.

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Amanda Cuda

6 Responses

  1. atkoa says:

    Morons. To jeopordize the life of the rescuers in this weather.

  2. Billy bob says:

    You cannot outlaw ” stupid”

  3. Art Layton says:

    I am a kayaker and stuff like this drives me crazy. The first safety rule of kayaking is, “if you are not dressed to swim, you are not dressed to paddle”.

  4. Ned Phillips says:

    Really a good day for a kayak trip! The city should be reimbursed all costs. Call it a stupidity charge.

  5. bill smith says:

    What a couple of morons!

  6. EugenioMaldonado says:

    Issue them a fine or have them reimburse the city, for lack of common sense .