Gunshots through window lead to arrest

Police in Bridgeport took a man into custody on Thursday night after two gunshots reportedly blasted through a window in the northern part of the city.



Officer Juan Esquilin responded to a home in 900 block of Birmingham Street and found that two shots had been fired through a kitchen window. After an investigation, police determined that it was part of a domestic dispute, the department said Friday.

Police moved the occupants of the house to a safe location and then went to locate the suspect, 32-year-old Adeonis Cortes. They arrested him when he allegedly tried to leave through the rear door of his mother’s house when officers came knocking on the front door.

Authorities said Cortes was in possession of narcotics when he was arrested. Based on the earlier investigation, he was also charged with harassment and threatening and his bond was set at $75,000.

Police said no firearm was recovered.

Wes Duplantier