Malloy launches Climate Center

Governor Dannel P. Malloy on Friday launched the Institute for Community Resiliency and Climate Adaptation at the UConn’s Avery Point Campus in Groton. The new research center is designed to strengthen efforts to help residents, communities, and businesses better prepare for the impacts of more severe weather and rising sea levels.

 “Over the past couple of years, our state has witnessed severe weather events that have threatened lives, destroyed property, damaged our infrastructure, and inflicted billions of dollars in harm to our state’s economy,” Malloy said.  “We must find ways to reduce the risks posed by the extreme weather that climate change is bringing to Connecticut and beyond.”

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Bill Cummings

4 Responses

  1. Liberty First says:

    Is climate change real? The climate has been changing since the big bang. This is a waste of taxpayer dollars by a governor that is ignorant of most useful things.

  2. laughingatBpt says:

    tax and spend…tax and spend…tax and spend… another useless Malloy spending spree.

  3. Ned P says:

    What a waste! North Carolina, here we come…..

  4. JYD says:

    Great… a task force to look at the impact of rising seas. This coming from the same governor who is pledging taxpayer dollars to help subsidize the lifting and rebuilding of vacation homes on the edge of the water.