Foley Announces for Governor

Tom Foley

WATERBURY – Greenwich Republican Tom Foley Wednesday announced he will seek the GOP nomination for governor, promising to hold spending flat and cut the sales tax by one half percent.

“I’m entering the race for governor,” Foley said as he declared his intentions.

“As your governor I promise to solve the problems that are holding many back. Voters will have a clear choice this November. Voters who believe we are not heading in the right direction and want a governor who fights for working citizens and who is straight forward and believes government can serve the people better will vote for me,” he said.

After losing a nail biter of a race three years ago to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, Foley said he has spent time listening to residents across the state and is convinced voters want a change from the high tax and spending Malloy administration.

Foley joins Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, D-Fairfield, in seeking the Republican nomination.

The Greenwich millionaire announced his candidacy at a Waterbury VFW post, an apparent attempt to reach out to working class voters. Foley three years ago lost Waterbury by about 1,700 vote. Malloy won the governor’s office after a close victory in Bridgeport.

“Wall Street maybe doing well, but Main Street is not,” Foley said as he promised to hold state spending flat for two years and cut the sales tax by one-half percent. Foley said that $350 million tax cut in the first year will be made up by savings from holding spending flat.




Bill Cummings