Firefighters: Leaking propane tank burned off

Firefighters in Fairfield say they had to do a controlled burn of a leaking propane tank that shut down part of High Street late Friday morning because a valve on the tank was damaged and it could not be shut off.

Fire Chief Richard Felner said Saturday that fire crews were called to a house under construction at 797 High Street shortly after 11 a.m. Friday. He said the first unit on scene could hear gas leaking from the tank inside the house and that they quickly made sure all of the contract workers were out the of building.

Using special meters, firefighters found high levels of gas in the house. They shut down the street and set up a hose line as a precaution but they were able to slow the leak down so the rest of the street didn’t have to be evacuated.

Members of the fire department’s Hazmat arrived at the scene with a specialized equipment to burn off the propane in about 15 minutes. Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson said those efforts allowed the street to be reopened about within an hour.

The Fairfield Fire Marshall’s office is reviewing the incident to ensure all local regulations were being followed by the propane company and contractor.

Wes Duplantier