Roszkowski gets death penalty

BRIDGEPORT – Former Trumbull resident Richard Roszkowski was given the death penalty for the 2006 murders of Holly Flannery, her 9-year-old daughter and a Milford landscaper.

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Daniel Tepfer

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  1. Hammond Egger says:

    This piece of garbage murdered a child and 2 adults in cold blood.Getting a lethal injection is too good-and easy -for this vermin.They should but a sign on him=CHILD KILLER- and drop him in ‘general population’ and send all the guards on a 10 min. break

  2. caribean chick says:

    Well, I served on this jury and this was not an easy thing to decide. He has to deal with his concious, as well as answer for his actions once judgement comes…I know for a fact that he took three lives that day in 2006, but the ripples of his actions have for ever changed the lives of twelve people who unanimously did what the law asked of them today. Please, don’t be quick to judge, for God can always change his heart and save him…Maybe I am an eternal optimist, but so is the God I serve, and for this I am grateful.
    My heart and prayers go out to the Flannery & Gaudette families…Rip

  3. cheryl says:

    I thought we know longer had the death penelty in CT thanks to Malloy!!!!

  4. Jim B.C says:

    GREAT, GREAT News!

  5. Festive-One says:

    Finally, now how long will this POS sit on death row for know?

  6. igor says:

    It will be another 25 years before they put this animal down.