Trumbull police bust brawl

TRUMBULL – Police called to Marisa’s Restaurant for a brawl involving members of the Latin Kings gang, arrested four Bridgeport residents early Sunday.

At about 1:30 a.m., police said they received information that a fight among patrons at the Main Street restaurant was imminent and there were members of the Latin Kings involved.

 Several minutes later an officer working a special duty job at the restaurant reported a fight had broken out and escalated into a large brawl, police said. The officer’s call for assistance prompted the dispatch of all available officers and officers from area towns.

Police said officers from Monroe and state police responded and the crowd was finally brought under control. They said there were several minor injuries.

Arrested were: 43- year- old Richard Reid of Norman Street.,  Maria Tavarez,  45,  of  Asylum Street, and  Quaneisha King 23, of Atlantic Street, all charged with breach of peace. Juan Nieves 25, of Boston Avenue, was charged with breach of peace and third-degree assault.

 All four were detained on a $500.00 bonds

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Daniel Tepfer

4 Responses

  1. V.H Sumner says:

    These low-lives who call themselves Latin Kings need to know that they are nothing but street punks low-level pieces of garbage and they should take there Puerto Rican ghetto selves and go back on the banana boat they came on and go back to San Juan and be with there own low-life people stay away from Italian places these low-lives do not belong there.

  2. lck says:

    This isn’t good for Marisa’s, who is going to want to go there knowing gangs are fighting in the parking lot?

  3. Former Marisa's Customer says:

    Marisa’s should be ashamed of themselves. They outta figure out whether they are a restaurant or a scuzzy club. Then they wonder why they’re losing loyal customers. Talk about total disregard for the community not to mention a major identity crisis. They’ve lost my business.

  4. Gary Dumas says:

    I know Marisa’s rest. what were these moneys even doing in that place. Stay in Bridgeport you pieces of human garbage